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Services :: Additional Services

We offer the following additional services at MECHANIKA MOTORS

Authorised Inspection Station
- E-safety rego inspections (pink slips) for light vehicles, motor cycles and trailers
- Clear NSW related defects on light vehicles, motor cylces and trailers
- Pre-inspections for application for registration
- Change details of a registered vehicle inspection

Heavy Vehicle Authorised Inspection Station
- E-safety inspections: idenity, design and safety checks for heavy vehicles
- Clear defects

Air filter dry cleaning service
Replacing catridge filters with new filters is a costly and environmentally unsound practice, at as much as $250 per filter, not including shipping and handling, maintenance managers can easily spend thousands of dollars each year on replacing filters at service intervals. By dry cleaning an air filter maintenance managers now have the capacity to repeatedly clean and reuse their filters. This means a dramatic cost reduction while at the same time helping the environment.

MECHANIKA MOTORS are a collection depot for Sonic air filter dry cleaning in the Southern Tablelands. We can organise pick up or drop off your filters to our workshop at 89-99 Robinson Street in Goulburn and we'll send them away to be dry cleaned at a fraction of the cost. Air filters can be dry cleaned up to 7 times and we will ensure full functionality before replacing it in your vehicle/machinery.


For more information about air filter dry cleaning please contact our office on 02 4822 6042 to request an information brochure.

Oil filter/oily rag disposal service
MECHANIKA MOTORS are also a collection depot for used oil filters and oily rags. As business' need to comply with the changing Environmental laws associated with the handling and disposal of used oil filters and rags, we have joined forces with OFDS (Oil Filter Disposal Systems NSW) and provided a collection point for the Southern Tablelands. Please contact us to discuss how we can provide a disposal service for your business or organisation by calling 02 4822 6042.

Ho-Cl Oils distribution
At MECHANIKA MOTORS we understand the importance of using quality oils in your vehicles and machinery and that is why we use, recommend and distribute Ho-Cl oils. Ho-Cl oils is proudly an independently Australian Owned manufacturer of finished lubracting oils blended with (pure) Premium Hydrocracked Synthetic oils.  For more information about Ho-Cl oils, please contact our office on 02 4822 6042 or visit www.hocl-oils.com.au

Members of the MTA Association of NSW
We are proud members of the MTA Association of NSW.

Authorised FLEETCARE, Holden Leasing and Leaseplan Repairer
Please contact us to discuss how we can work with you and your Fleetcare/Holden Leasing/Leaseplan vehicles/machinery.